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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the minimum feature size for each process?

    The standard minimum feature size is 0.012" for PolyJet, 0.020" for SLA, 0.030" for SLS, and 0.010” for FDM. These indicate the smallest thicknesses the machines can produce – anything smaller will not build.

  2. How accurate are your additive manufacturing processes?

    Standard accuracy for PolyJet and PolyJet HD are ± 0.005" or ± 0.001"/", whichever is greater. Standard accuracy for Stereolithography is ± 0.015" or ± 0.002"/", whichever is greater. Standard Laser Sintering accuracy is ± 0.015" or ± 0.002 "/", whichever is greater. Greater tolerances may be available on a case-by-case basis.

  3. Are finishing options available?

    While Stratasys Direct Express will clean your parts and remove support material, hand finishing, painting and texture are not available. If you are looking for a wider technology selection, material options and/or finishing options look to Stratasys Direct Manufacturing who offers a full suite of finishing services.

  4. Do you have translucent materials available?

    Stratasys Direct Express does not offer translucent materials. However, Stratasys Direct Manufacturing has a number of translucent and clear materials available with PolyJet, Stereolithography, FDM, Urethane Casting and more. Vist stratasysdirect.com.

  5. Which process is best for free flowing student & architectural models?

    Laser Sintering is typically best (and sometimes the only viable option) as it does not require support structure that later needs to be removed.

  6. What file type does Stratasys Direct Express accept?

    We only accept CAD geometries in the form of STL files.

  7. Why isn’t my file uploading to the website?

    Make sure your file size is under 250MB, the maximum file size Stratasys Direct Express will accept. Large STL files can be reduced with CAD design programs. If your file is under 100MB, be patient as slower internet connections may cause your STL file to take longer to upload.

  8. What's the difference between PolyJet White and PolyJet HD Blue?

    While PolyJet White has high accuracy and creates excellent small features, PolyJet HD Blue provides the highest accuracy and feature details available. Additionally, PolyJet HD Blue has twice the resolution in the Z axis and is a pale blue color that amplifies fine feature detail (as opposed to PolyJet White’s bright white color).

  9. Is same-day shipping available for SLA White, SLS White or PolyJet HD Blue?

    No. Due to the extended amount of time it takes to build parts with these processes same-day shipping is not available. If you are in a serious time crunch consider the standard PolyJet White process – available for same-day or next-day shipping.

  10. When does "Ship Economy" ship my parts?

    Any "Ship Economy" order placed Sunday through Saturday will be shipped by Wednesday of the following week. The earlier in the week you place your order, the lower the price. Want the best price possible? Order two Sundays before the Wednesday ship date.

  11. How does shipping work over the weekend?

    Stratasys Direct Express ships Monday – Friday. "Ship Today" orders placed on Friday are delivered Monday morning, while "Ship Tomorrow" orders placed on Friday or over the weekend are delivered Tuesday.

  12. Can a P.O. Box be a shipping address?

    No. FedEx will not deliver to P.O. Boxes so you must leave a physical shipping address. You can adjust your shipping and billing addresses in the "My Account" section of the website.

  13. Can you ship to countries outside of the United States and Canada?

    No, we currently only ship to the United States and Canada. Please contact Stratasys Direct Manufacturing, at quotes@stratasysdirect.com for more information on shipping to countries outside of the US and Canada.

  14. Does it cost anything to get quotes?

    No, all Stratasys Direct Express quotes are free. There is never any obligation to purchase when you quote prototyping geometry.

  15. What’s the best way to save money?

    If you have a tight budget, plan ahead and use the "Ship Economy" option. By selecting a later ship date your order will get a larger discount. For the best price available, order two Sundays before the Wednesday ship date.

  16. Do you accept non-taxable resale certificates?

    Due to the automated nature of Stratasys Direct Express and the method in which orders are processed, we cannot adjust accounts to be non-taxable. If your address is in a taxable area you are automatically taxed accordingly on orders. If you wish to use your non-taxable resale certificate, our parent company Stratasys Direct Manufacturing will allow you to do so.

  17. Can we purchase using a Purchase Order (PO)?

    Orders can only be purchased using a credit card. If you wish to pay using a PO, our parent company Stratasys Direct Manufacturing provides this ability.

  18. Will Stratasys Direct Express sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA)?

    Yes. Stratasys Direct Express always keeps customer information and material confidential and only releases information at the customer's discretion. We offer NDAs if needed. Contact directexpresssupport@stratasysdirect.com.

  19. How can I get extensive help with my project?

    Stratasys Direct Express is a self-service website intended for customers who need prototypes quickly and economically. We will assist with your project to the best of our ability, however if your project requires an expert, we recommend you order through Stratasys Direct Manufacturing. They have knowledgeable project engineers who can assist you with all your project questions and needs.

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